10 Ideas to Up Cycle our 900g Trays

With our 900g trays being available in Booth’s, we thought we would share a few ideas we have to reuse these nifty containers! As you know we love recycling so these 10 top tips should get you thinking! Don’t forget to share your creations on our social media!

1. Seedlings

Use potting soil in your tray and use it to germinate your seedlings! From water cress to something pretty for the garden, our trays are the perfect depth!

2. Draw Tidy

From keeping stationary under control in your office desk to keeping nail polishes tidy in you dressing table.

3. Fridge Tidy

Let your fruit and veg breath by removing any plastic and polystyrene when you get them home and place them in our trays instead before refrigerating.

4. Decoupage

If you want to have the tray on display, how about having a go at decoupage. The tray could then be used to keep napkins, salt and pepper tidy on the kitchen table or for keep sakes.

5. Treasure Hunt

Keep the kids entertained this summer. Get them decorating their trays then challenge them to find treasure in the garden to fill their trays! 

6. Get ready for Christmas

Spray paint your trays in gold or silver and fill with festive decorations for an alternative table centrepiece.

7. Egg Collecting

Hens at home? Use our trays to collect up eggs and store easily in the fridge!

8. Keep it Clean

Cooking oils always drip in a busy kitchen! Why not store you oil bottles in one of our trays, with a cloth in the bottom for easy cleaning!

9. Baked Gifts

A present for the person who has everything? How about a tray full of goodies such as biscuits or chocolate truffles, present in baking parchment and a hand decorated tray.

10. Arty Fun

Do the children love painting? Is a traditional pallet a little risky on the carpets? Let them mix their paints in our tray to keep spillages to a minimum!


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