Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability is hitting the headlines every other day and with recent series like Blue Planet and Our Planet, it is clear action has to be taken by each and every person.

Even when Annabel’s Deliciously British was still in concept stage I knew that biodegradable packaging was key to the project. Delivering a luxury product in an unsustainable manner wasn’t going to cut the mustard. We might not be able to use ingenious banana leaves like we are seeing over in Thailand but the hunt was on for the best alternative!
Despite the headline topping subject matter, tracking down truly sustainable biodegradable packaging in the United Kingdom, that stood up to the required standards was a challenging task. Something we can now proudly say we have achieved! I am not only impressed with the green credentials of our packaging, we have achieved the high vision I had in mind. We will be using an Earthcycle pulp punnet for our 500g punnets and the Obeikan wooden box for our 1kg tray we are also in the process of trialling biodegradable film lids!
Quality and sustainability without compromise.
The packaging is just one element of a wider story the farm has to tell on the matter of caring for the environment. Find out more about our efforts here