A few facts about growing strawberries….

  • The sunshine is what makes the strawberries sweet, the cloudier the weather the less sweet the berries!
  • Strawberries are the first fruits to ripen in the spring, you may as well start with the best!
  • Strawberries are part of the Rose family, they give off a similar sweet smell and are much easier to eat!
  • Strawberry plants are considered a perennial as they grow back year after year.
  • Plants are propagated over the summer months and harvested in autumn and then held in freezers ready to be planted in the following spring. They are defrosted and then planted, nifty!
  • Plants must be in an environment of 12 degrees centigrade of more to grow
  • Daylight hours are extremely important to strawberry plants for their growth! The longer the days, the more they grow!

Some berry good trivia….

  • There are over 200 seeds on an average strawberry
  • There is more vitamin c in 100 gms of strawberries than in 100 gms of an orange
  • The green bit at the top of the strawberry is called the calyx, we don’t recommend eating this bit!
  • Strawberries are frozen before they are turned into jam!

Perfect facts for dinner party chat or it could just win you the top spot at the pub quiz!


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