Drop Cloud Meringues – Rob Kirby Guest Recipe


(Makes 4 big meringues)

4 medium size egg whites

240g caster sugar

Fresh strawberries 


How to Make it

Pre- heat the oven to 140°C. Whisk the egg whites in a food mixer until they stand up on their own in soft peaks.   

Continue whisking and slowly add half the sugar, making sure it is thoroughly incorporated into the egg whites.  

 Remove the bowl from the mixer and very slowly fold in the rest of the sugar by hand,  using a large metal spoon. You should end up with a raw meringue that is thick and silky in texture and has a glossy sheen.   

Line a baking tray with a silicon or greaseproof paper and dust this with a little caster sugar. Using a large metal spoon, drop four big meringues onto the tray and cook then in the oven for 1 hour, or until you can lift them off the tray. They need to be hard and crispy on the outside and lovely and chewy in the middle. When they are done, cool the meringues slowly – and enjoy!

Top Tips

Cool the meringues in the oven – this prevents them from cracking. Serve the meringues with fresh strawberries, you could even add some strawberry confetti for an extra special touch!

Photography: Amber Kirby