Let’s Talk About Sustainability!

I am striving on a daily basis to become more sustainable both at home and within the business it is an endless task and it is so important for us to embrace whatever we can do for the next generation!

Becoming a sustainable business doesn’t happen at the click of a switch, it takes preparation and periods of adjustment. It is the same when it comes to living sustainably as an individual. Particularly in the run up to Christmas, I will be considering where I spend my money! I have always been very aware of the origins of the food I buy but now it is time to consider the other things, if COVID has taught me one thing its support your own and buy British wherever you can.

There is no denying I love clothes but with the light well and truly shone on fast fashion I have been making moves to make my wardrobe more sustainable too. That is where companies like the fabulous Nattily Dressed come in. My Nattily Gilet was made from 20 recycled plastic bottles, that is some serious up cycling! This was a simple swap from another brand that meant I knew exactly where and how this item was made! I love supporting up and coming businesses that are focusing on building a sustainable product range for the future!

I continue to push the business to be as sustainable as it can be, using all our waste strawberries in our conserve and chutney. We will be launching Rhubarb in January so there will also be new jams and chutneys to use up the waste and create some new fabulous British grown products. I am equally committing to making steps towards a greener lifestyle too. My values and those of the business are intertwined and that is why we are now working with Friends of Joules who champion niche British products.

To celebrate finding our new family favourite gilet, I have teamed up with Nattily Dressed for our biggest giveaway to date! Head to our Instagram to find out what is up for grabs!