Meet Annabel

Annabel Makin Jones with her strawberry plants in the background

My name is Annabel Makin-Jones, I am wife to my husband Chris, and a mother to our children Oscar  and Jemima.

Having grown up on my family farm, the countryside and farming is my passion. I was involved with various farming enterprises throughout my younger years, from lambing to grading potatoes, and I am passionate about the British food industry.

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“I want to promote Agriculture as an industry, but also promote the fact that
‘us girls’ are just as eager to achieve in this industry.”

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I studied Agri-Food and business studies at Harper Adam University, graduating in 2004, and I am now striving to ensure that my  business is sustainable and does not compromise meeting the needs of future generations, and ultimately, my children.

As well as growing cereals on the farm, my key focus and enterprise is growing strawberries. Having left Harper Adams in 2004, I have been working within the family business since, and with significant investment, our strawberry production has expanded and continues to do so.

We use a hydroponic system with drip irrigation to grow our strawberries, and we are always looking at new systems and plant varieties, to ensure continuous production of high quality fruit for 6 months of the year. With recent additions to the Deliciously British range in the form of conserve and chutney, my business now has a year round product range.

Being a mother, coupled with my passion for the industry, I want to promote Agriculture and Food production, to ensure that the younger generation know and understand how food is produced and where it comes from. The farming standards in the UK are stringent, but they ensure that our customers are assured that the food we produce, is responsibly produced and safe for consumption.

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“I am now striving to ensure that my future business is sustainable, and does not compromise meeting the needs of future generations.”

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Women have always played a crucial but almost unofficial role in the success of farming businesses, and where farms were once passed along the male line, women are now just as eager to take over. The agricultural industry has seen a rise in female farmers in recent years – women now make up 28% of the British Agricultural workforce, and Minette Batters has been elected as the first female NFU president. I want to promote Agriculture as an industry, but also promote the fact that ‘us girls’ are just as eager to achieve in this industry….!

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Our Brand Values

Annabel Makin Jones holding a box of strawberries next to a man


Producing the best Britain can offer with the highest level of customer service.

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Preserving the countryside for future generations.

Looking down on punnets of strawberries


Transparent food production for the conscientious consumer.

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Reducing food miles and celebrating British business.

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Future proofing British strawberry production.