My first month on the farm – Chris Jones Guest Blog

I have been part of the team full time for a month now and the time has flown. I started at the peak of strawberry season and of course we have quite a few other things happening too! I do have the benefit of knowing the business and the farm well, but nothing quite prepares you for the summer season on a fruit farm! 

I have always been involved in agriculture, from my education to my roles over the last 14 years. It has been a mixture of land management and working with large food suppliers as their agricultural manager. Wherever my career has taken me, farming has been part of it! That is why when the opportunity to join Annabel arose, I couldn’t turn that down! 

I have always been on hand to support the family business but to now be a full-time, hands-on member of the team is fantastic. Although we do have to be careful that we stop talking about work when it comes to the dinner table! Although as anyone with their own business will know, you think about it 24/7 and it is a lifestyle not just a job! 

My focus for the summer is of course the strawberry season but we also have ongoing projects that will come to fruition this summer. You will soon be able to purchase Annabel’s Deliciously British Cherries, another summer fruit essential! We have also started to collect honey from the apiary, the bees that have worked hard through the Spring to pollinate the strawberry flowers are now delivering the most beautiful honey! This too will be available from Summer 2021. 

The farm doesn’t sit quietly once the fruit season is over, there is a constant hum of activity to ensure that the next years harvests are a success. Plus, with the 2021 addition of Rhubarb and daffodils to the farm, we are now harvesting produce in winter and early spring too! 

I will be sharing more behind the scenes from the farm as the year progresses and all the hard work the team put in to deliver all your Deliciously British produce! 


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