WE DID IT! As proud as punch to become a Certified B-Corporation

2023 ended with some very exciting news for the team at Annabel’s Deliciously British. After 14 months of interrogation, monitoring and hard work, we gained our B-Corp accreditation!

What is B-Corp? 

B-Corp certification is the only certification that measures a companies social and environmental performance. It proves that a company is excelling in these areas in the present and also commits them to continuing to work on, and improve in these areas in the long-term. 

B-Corp Certification is the most rigorous audit social scheme out there, and we are so proud to have achieved this, as it means that we’ve achieved those industry leading standards that we feel are so important.

At Annabel’s Deliciously British we’ve always committed to producing the highest quality products with honesty and integrity, in the most ethical and sustainable way possible, to ensure this considers how future generations may be impacted. 

“Sustainability & quality without compromise. Preserving the countryside for the future of British farming & food.” – Annabel

This is all about a better future for British farmers, producers and consumers. But to achieve this, growers need the space to be more dynamic, follow trends and to be creative to fill the gaps in the market that consumers don’t even know exist yet. 

What we leave behind matters as much as what we produce so we’re constantly working to produce the highest quality produce, sustainably, without compromising on both taste and the needs of future generations.

Year on year we continuously improve our processes to ensure we have as little impact on the world around us as possible. From using our lake for irrigation to using the most environmentally friendly packaging, to using “wonky” fruit within our own conserves and chutneys, and utilising renewable energies. 

Not only do we have B-Corp Certification, we also have One Carbon World Carbon Neutral International Standard. We won’t stop there, we will continue to strive for more and to be the best we can be, without compromising the quality of our products!

We are dedicated to driving investment back into the future of the British farming industry, as well as the British people. We’re equally big advocates for giving back to our society. It’s for this reason that we support The Prince’s Trust with every punnet of strawberries sold, and Marie Curie with every bunch of daffodils sold. 

“I am passionate about ensuring the future of the planet for everyone, after all it’s future is in our hands and it deserves to be respected.” – Annabel

To celebrate becoming a certified B-Corp Corporation, we’re giving our loyal customers 25% off their next purchase. Just use the code CELEBRATE at checkout to redeem.