Welcome to my Farm – Guest Blog, Oscar Makin – Jones

My name is Oscar and I’m the Junior Strawberry Inspector (which actually means I am the boss, in my mind) at Annabel’s Deliciously British.

I am 5 years old and my favourite time of year is summer because that’s when there are lots of strawberries to pick and I don’t have to go to school! Let me tell you about a day at my favourite place… the farm!

First I get in the truck with Big Bri (Brian the Harvest Manager) – I love driving around the farm with him, I sit on his knee and steer. We check on the strawberries to make sure that they are ready to pick. You can tell because they are really red and plump. We have to do this by hand as a robot does not know what size or colour they should be.

When the strawberries are picked and put into punnets we load them up to take back to the farm, we don’t leave them in the field very long as it’s too hot and they will go soft. This is my favourite part because I get to help Coco the tractor driver deliver the fruit – I can’t wait until I’m old enough to drive the tractor by myself.

Coco drops me off at the packhouse where I meet up with Dan Dan (Daniel the Packhouse Manager) and get ready for packing. Jemima and I have to put on our special uniforms and hairnets before we can go in the packhouse. We might need a jumper too – it’s cold in there!

It’s not long before the strawberries are all packed up and ready to be delivered on one of the lorries. I make sure to wave them off as they drive away.

Next I go into the office to help out there. First things first – shredding! With Jemima’s help I do lots of shredding for the Accounts team which is a lot of fun. Then I head to my desk in the Operations office where I have my own computer and phone.

I don’t get as many phone calls as everyone else in the office, so I just call nana and ask her to bring me a snack from her house, but that’s okay because I have another job to do…

It’s my job to make sure everyone in the office is happy. I make sure that everyone has a drink when they need one and I am a pro at using the water cooler. I have found out that cake makes people very happy, so I hand out lots of cakes in the afternoon!

When we get home we like to make lots of yummy puddings and cakes using the strawberries. We might make a bit of a mess in the kitchen but Mummy says she doesn’t mind.

Sometimes I get hungry after working hard all day so the strawberries don’t all make it back to the house and we haven’t got enough for our recipes. It’s okay though because Mummy always brings some home too.

One of our favourite recipes is chocolate mud cake, which Mummy says we can post about next week so you can all have a go at making it!


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